Every month annual event, third Saturday are days of Kanie-cho Marchais!

It is held this month on Saturday on 17th!

It becomes cold, and the body is firm, and sweetness increases and it is advantageous and sells "Kasumi Crab" (deep red queen crab) which became more and more delicious with 6,500 yen this time at one cup when it is 2,500 yen, three cups♪

There is sale of dried fish, too.

(prior order for crab come to the center by Saturday on 10th. On this occasion shopping we subtract 100 yen more when we will eat and drink)

And there is sale of doughnut and tart using white fig of "ennijikakobo" this time.

And there are side dish of "cafe beauty comfort" of the first branch, sale of cake and Japanese confectionery of "Kotobukiya Tomiyoshi" and this time, too.

Please come to play!