[urgent notice!] We make a reservation from today and start
Because we want you to drink more!
We say and start box selling sale of Kanie cider (only as for Kanie-cho sweet strong brewing (kankyoshuzo) cider using phosphorus) by collaboration properly Kanie.
Is there only one selling? There seems to be more! Is there mail order?
We met voice that said this!
We begin to sell from 24 boxed April 1
40 sets of the first limited limited sale!
Everywhere in the whole country identical price (I'm sorry, there becomes an extra charge for remote island) including 24 3,500 yen postage
Of course if come for Saito; 2,800 yen!
And we attach yuichanno new original goods!
We make a reservation from today and accept!
※yuichan goods are samples. Handing over becomes new goods.