Privacy policy

Kanie Tourism Exchange Center "Saito" (the following, this hotel) deals with personal information that we acquired as follows. Please submit personal information after having had you agree.
This hotel assumes operation that regarded satisfaction as trust from customer to the first basics and recognizes that we protect information (we say "personal information" as follows.) that can identify individual taking on running this hotel when it is essential requirements.
In this hotel, it deals with personal information of customer carefully and appropriately as follows and protects.

1.Range of personal information
Personal information means information that can distinguish phone number, e-mail address, access record to this site, individual including other descriptions on full name, address, sex, the date of birth. In addition, it is not identification only in the information concerned, but we can collate with other information easily and thereby include information that can distinguish the individual concerned.
2.The use of personal information
For the purpose of service offer in line with request of customer, we may have you offer personal information. In that case, we use only the range necessary to achieve the purpose.
3.Prohibition of offer, disclosure to third party
In this hotel, offer does not disclose personal information of customer to third party unless there is sufficient reason including case that disclosure was demanded from based on case and laws and ordinances having you agree from customer.
4.Supervision of duties trust point
When we disclose personal information of customer for duties trust from this hotel to achieve the use purpose that had you agree from customer, this hotel lets you carry out imposition, this by contract to carry out severe management of personal information thoroughly at standard like this hotel and performs appropriate supervision.
In addition, about inquiry contents which I received from customer, we may reply when it is judged that what we reply from duties trust point for this hotel is appropriate.
5.Security, improvement of information security
This museum continues, and they try for security, improvement of information security to prevent leak, loss, manipulation of personal information of customer.
6.Response to disclosure, correction of personal information
This museum copes in during rational period and range after having had you report, and having confirmed that it is the person when disclosure, correction from the person or agent is demanded.
7.Legal compliance, maintenance, improvement of personal information protection measures
This hotel observes laws and ordinances in conjunction with personal information protection, other models and, depending on social environmental change, reviews approach of personal information protection continuously and improves.
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